Mark Creasser Memorial

Mark Creasser was the Executive Director of Tremessee School and President of Hands for Haiti, passed away unexpectedly in August 2017.  Mark will be greatly missed.  Many of us have committed to ensure Mark's dreams live on and grow.  Upon Mark's death, it was decided in Mark's honor to rename the school after St. Mark, the evangelist and Gospel writer. Mark Creasser was truly a powerful evangelist with his words, but more importantly with his actions of helping the poorest of the poor.  The school was rededicated on January 29th, 2018 with full participation of the community, Hands for Haiti Board, and the Catholic Church.

Catholic Archdiocese’s Partnership

With the help of the Archdiocese we were able to local and hire Father Leon who has over 13 years of education experience both as a teacher and administrator.  Father Leon brings much needed experience in education, love for the students and parents, and very strong administration skills which are already paying dividends as we expand to secondary school.

Feeding our Students- Body and Mind

With the extreme poverty in Haiti, comes a lack of adequate food. A child cannot concentrate in school in they are hungry.  Hands for Haiti initiated a few projects to help supply food.  All the tilapia and egg production now go to the students and families.  Crops also feed the students.  The tilapia pond is fully stocked with fish and we are able to give each child and staff tilapia twice a quarter, nearly 500 fish dinners per quarter.  Our hen house contains 200 new chickens, which produces an egg a day.  And in our garden, we are growing green beans, bananas, maize, coconuts and peas; which all help supplement the daily meals served at St. Mark.

St. Marc School and Chapel Improvements

We completed three projects in 2018:
-Improved and expanded our Toilets, 
-Built a Fence, Gate and Security Guard office, 
-Built a cement road crossing across the local stream and expand the local road.  

The students, staff, teachers and the whole Tremmessee community are all very excited about the project improvements.

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