92 Bowery St., NY 10013

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Monthly Operating Costs Amount
Maintenance of our fresh water well
Feeding and educating a pre-school student
Maintenance of our solar generating system
Paying a cook’s salary
Feeding and educating a primary school student
Feeding and educating a secondary school student
Paying a part-time teacher’s salary
Providing feed for our hen house
Providing feed for our tilapia pond
Paying a full time teacher’s salary
Suggested One Time Donations Amount
Provide uniforms for 25 students
Buy a sewing machine & supplies for our trade school
Provide textbooks for an entire grade
Service our wells and solar generating system for a year
Pay a teacher’s salary for a year
Re-supply our hen house with new chickens
Educate a pre-school class for a year
Educate a primary school class for a year
Construction costs of a new classroom

We are run by an all-volunteer (unpaid) U.S. based Board of Directors who pay their own travel expenses for their typically annual (or greater) trips to Haiti. We have no U.S. based overhead, as all our work is directed from the homes or offices of our Board. Board members personally pay all costs for our marketing and promotion, mailing, wire transfer and banking fees, etc. so we can confidently report that 100% of all donations go directly to funding our school and our work in Haiti.


  • Send a Check

    If you wish to mail a donation, make checks payable to Hands for Haiti, and mail to our treasurer at

    PO Box 49051 Charlotte, NC 28277

  • Send a Wire

    We gladly accept wired funds, Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from IRA retirement accounts, as well as donations of stock transfers. Email us at and we’ll provide you detailed instructions

  • Employer Matching Gift

    We also encourage donors to investigate their employers to determine if they offer a matching gift program

Hands for Haiti is a 501c3 non-profit charity, with federal EIN number 26-0498705 . Per IRS regulations, written confirmation/receipt will be provided for donations of $250 or more annually