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Our Work

Consider a monthly contribution

to make things happen.

Monthly Operating Costs Amount
Maintenance of our fresh water well
Feeding and educating a pre-school student
Maintenance of our solar generating system
Paying a cook’s salary
Feeding and educating a primary school student
Feeding and educating a secondary school student
Paying a part-time teacher’s salary
Providing feed for our hen house
Providing feed for our tilapia pond
Paying a full time teacher’s salary
Suggested One Time Donations Amount
Provide uniforms for 25 students
Buy a sewing machine & supplies for our trade school
Provide textbooks for an entire grade
Service our wells and solar generating system for a year
Pay a teacher’s salary for a year
Re-supply our hen house with new chickens
Educate a pre-school class for a year
Educate a primary school class for a year
Construction costs of a new classroom