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  • St. Matthew Catholic Church - Charlotte, NC

    One of the largest catholic parishes in the country, St. Matthew provides financial support, meal packages thru their annual World Hunger Drive, and school supplies. They have also sponsored multiple mission trips to visit St. Marc School. Our late founder, plus about half of our Board members, are members of St. Matthew, so Charlotte is the closest thing we have to a “US base”.

  • St. Mark Catholic Church - Huntersville, NC

    Like St. Matthew, St. Mark provides financial support, mission teams, athletic supplies and help with meal packages. During their mission trips they have conducted vacation Bible school programs and are eager to return to St. Marc School as travel restrictions due to COVID and Haitian security and social issues are relaxed.

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Cap Haitian, Haiti

    This archdiocese serves the approximately one million Catholics of northern Haiti, and contains about 60 parishes and 120 priests. This averages about 8,000 Catholics for each priest, so Hands for Haiti was especially blessed when the archbishop assigned Fr. Leon as our administrator. The archdiocese also provides us materials and assistance for teaching the Catholic faith to St. Marc students.

Operators of a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, harnessing lives and responding to emergencies. They have typically provided over 40,000 pounds of meal pack annually.

A Florida based relief and development organization serving the poor in 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Their mission is linking the churches of the first world, to the churches of the third world, in a manner that helps both the materially poor and the poor in spirit. Food for the Poor helps us facilitate our shipments of containers of food to Haiti, and partnered with us to manage construction of our 2022 school expansion.

  • Missionaries of the Poor

    A Catholic order of over 600 men—religious brothers and priests—who live in community, following a common spirituality and charism, with a ministry to the least in society. They bring together the poorest of the poor and the destitute and disabled homeless into a family community, forging relationships  with the wider society in the 8 countries they serve around the world. Our board members and mission teams stay at the Missionaries of the Poor facility in Cap Haitian when we go to Haiti, and the brothers and St. Marc School have a long and close relationship.

  • New Hope Hospital

    New Hope Hospital, Plaine du Nord, Haiti—founded by Haitian Doctor Eugene Macklin, their mission is to bring hope and empowerment to the people of Northern Haiti by offering healthcare, clean water, nourishment, and economic development. Designed, built and staffed by Haitians, the suitably named New Hope provides medical care and treatment for our students and staff on an as needed basis, and helps connect us with local sources and providers for any of our varied needs.