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Agricultural Expansion

Starting in 2014 , we built a chicken coop and purchased 50 hens. The  hens produced 40-45 eggs per day  for a year.  We continued to add more chickens and increased the chicken coop in 2016 and now have 200 chickens producing an egg per day.   The eggs are added to the daily Stop hunger Now meals  given to the children.  In 2015 Hands for Haiti and Stop Hunger Now ( Raise Against Hunger )  joined forces to provide a new food sustainability project in Tremesse. The project included 2 new solar powered wells, three 1,000 storage tanks and 2,500 linear feet of new technology drip irrigation and 60,000 ft plastic liner for the tilapia pond.


Raise Against Hunger


June 12, 2014


Chicken Coop


Increased The Chicken Coop

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