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If you’d like to volunteer your time to help us with our work at St. Marc School, there are several ways you can do so…with or without actually going to Haiti. They include:

Going on a mission trip

Seeing the smiling faces of our students as they enthusiastically greet visitors is a wonderful experience. Seeing first-hand the challenging situations in which they live is a humbling one, but it will forever change the way you reflect upon your own blessings. We take 5 to 15 people at a time for 4 to 6 nights to help with everything from bible study classes, craft projects and tutoring sessions with our students, to work projects where we maintain, renovate and improve our campus. When in Haiti we stay in dormitories at the Missionaries of the Poor in Cap Haitian where we also work and pray with the brothers as they serve the needs of their residents….the discarded and abandoned poorest of the poor. These mission trips aren’t vacations…at times they are physically and emotionally difficult. However, they are also life-changing, and will touch you deeply as you serve those whose needs are so great, but whose wants are so small. Due to Covid and security issues in Haiti at this time we have not scheduled future trips, but hope to resume doing so soon. Please contact us at for more details, and to consider being added to a wait list.

Help us with administrative work

We can use help with mailings, phone calls, sourcing and shopping for supplies and equipment, loading containers and other duties. Some of this requires physical presence at a work site, but other tasks can be accomplished from your home. Please contact us at to advise how you’d like to be involved.

Social media and promotion

Hands for Haiti has been successful in spite of not having “told our story” very widely. If you have experience with, or interest in, helping us promote via social media, public relations, media coverage, speaking engagements or any other ways to help us spread the word about the work we do, please contact us at . With your help we can continue to change lives and give opportunities to our students.

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