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Founded in 2010 as a faith based Christian school, serving a few dozen students in grades 1 and 2, St. Marc School has now grown to serve over 350 students, from pre-K thru grade 13, the end of secondary schooling.

Students are given a hot lunch daily, which for many of them is their only, or most nutritious, meal of the day.

In 2018, following the arrival of Fr. Leon as our Administrator, we incorporated religious education, teaching about Christianity and the Catholic faith. This includes offering those who are or want to become Catholic the opportunity
to learn about and receive the sacraments.

There is no requirement that students be Catholic,
but we encourage and assist those who wish to be.

Students and their families are asked to pay $10 per year per student . We believe that requiring merely a small “buy-in” by parents assures they will take their children’s education seriously, and for those who can’t afford even this small fee, we offer the chance to provide in-kind help as their contribution.

In 2022, as our first class of students completes secondary school (high school) we plan to open our new trade school, where we can teach job skills that help students find employment. Experience has shown that having job skills, an education, and speaking English will vastly improve living standards in Haiti.

Consider a monthly contribution

to make things happen.

Monthly Operating Costs Amount
Maintenance of our fresh water well
Feeding and educating a pre-school student
Maintenance of our solar generating system
Paying a cook’s salary
Feeding and educating a primary school student
Feeding and educating a secondary school student
Paying a part-time teacher’s salary
Providing feed for our hen house
Providing feed for our tilapia pond
Paying a full time teacher’s salary
Suggested One Time Donations Amount
Provide uniforms for 25 students
Buy a sewing machine & supplies for our trade school
Provide textbooks for an entire grade
Service our wells and solar generating system for a year
Pay a teacher’s salary for a year
Re-supply our hen house with new chickens
Educate a pre-school class for a year
Educate a primary school class for a year
Construction costs of a new classroom